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Dane A. Harris is an artist and a photographer. Dane graduated from Cornell College where he got his bachelors degree in Art with a focus in photography. After college Dane continued his education on at the Hallmark Institute of Photography. With his experience in fine art combined with his training as an expert in the digital art of photography Dane balances both elegantly to create something different in his work.

"I feel like there is something different in my work than the usual. I like to capture the moments and get great candid images, however I like to put my own spin on the photo. I like to play with light to make an image pop. I like to try a different angle, or an unusual choice of lens to provoke an emotion. I like to think of what kind of black and white or toning I may add to an image to make it more elegant. Its things like this that go through my mind while I am working that keep my images different and helps me challenge myself in every shoot. As an artist I loved to break the rules. As a photographer I felt knowing the rules was the key to perfect imagery. After studying art and working with wedding photography I have found that understanding how to break the rules correctly is the key to mixing art and professional photography to come up with something new and beautiful."
Dane A. Harris

At Harris Photography we feels like there is more to wedding photography than just taking great images. Choosing the right photography is choosing the right wedding photography experience. Therefore we spends much time and energy creating a once in a lifetime experience with each and every wedding couple. At Harris Photography we wants every client to feel like they are his only clients. Please visit Your Wedding Experience to find out just some of the extra time Harris Photography puts into each and every wedding.

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